IDEO in Architecture

We were talking about how to change the culture of the office… I think what we might also be talking about is how to change the culture of the industry… the nature of design in an Architectural office. Tom made an interesting comment about how it would be nice if we operated more like IDEO. I think that’s brilliant and in keeping with the notions and ideas I’ve been having related to how the use of BIM tools can change the process.

What I know of IDEO that I think would work well in an Architectural office…

  • Teams made up of people with widely varied skills and passions… the Ten Faces of Innovation approach.
  • Meetings that include all members of the team… always.

Too short? Probably but that’s all I got right now.

One thing that I think could make this work is to gather the team in a room around a common table and to use this atmosphere to encourage and produce collaboration. Private, focused work could take place in workstations placed in niches throughout the office. No body would have a desk… at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

3 Responses to IDEO in Architecture

  1. Laura says:

    That concept can really be extended to entire project. It reminds me of Tocci’s ‘together, we are the master builder’ concept.
    You create a team at the start of the project: designers, engineerings, specialty consultants, estimators, schedulers, superintendents, key subcontractors, etc. Each team member has a different skill set and together they create a team who has all of the required skills to design, build and manage a building. The entire team meets together enough so that they can move and act as one entity – the master builder.

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  3. Miguel says:

    For what I have heard, one of IDEO’s strengths is the way they embrace failure. They fail often and they fail fast. I wonder how this could be achieved in the Architecture/Construction ecosystem.

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